Netent Video Slots

A large number of NetEnt Video Slots can be played at various NetEnt Casinos. These are dozens of different slots, each of which are beautifully designed of course. The design allows for hours of playing plaesure without getting bored for even a moment. The NetEnt Video Slots are therefore well suited for anyone who wants a few hours of play and wants to make use of the various graphic possibilities that come with playing at an online casino.


Free NetEnt Video Slots

One can make us of the free practice games to get to know the NetEnt Video Slots. The games you play are the same games you play for real money, but in free mode you will not win or lose any money. That way players, players can try the NetEnt Video Slots, and see if they may want to play the game more often. During practice games, players can get some experience and discover the various possibilities of the slots.

The NetEnt Video Slots Screen

Most NetEnt Video Slots offer extensive opportunities on the basis of, for example, 5 columns and 3 rows. Some games, such as Funky 70s, Groovy 60s and Super 80s deviate from this and offer an extra row, allowing multiple combinations. Other NetEnt Video Slots offer more or less the same screen, each time showing unique symbols and animations. Thus, one can benefit from the certainty with regard to the possibilities, but the appearance will be different each time and therefore remains attractive for both beginners and more experienced players.

Betting on NetEnt Video Slots

The netEnt Video Slots can obviously be played with different amounts. That way you can determine by yourself how high your bet will be and which prices you have a chance to win. On most video slots you can play with sums ranging from 1 to 50 cents. Some NetEnt Video Slots also offer the opportunity to play with a bet of one euro; examples include Pandora’s Box and Trolls. Thus you can enlarge the chance of winning big, although you will of course run through your money much faster.

Maximum Bet

The maximum bet on the NetEnt Video Slots obviously varies per slot machine. Thus there are a number of slots that allow relatively low stakes, while for others it is possible to bet €100 at a time for example. An example of a video slot where the maximum bet is relatively low is found in the Arabian Nights, while others, like the Relic Raiders, Scarface Videoslot and Devil’s Delight allow to play very large amounts and a chance to win a ditto profit. The NetEnt Video Slots offer diverse opportunities, allowing players to define for themselves what can be earned and at what risk.