Netent Scratch Cards

The NetEnt scratch Cards are, just like the NetEnt Table Games, a combination of the possibilitie to play a well known game while playing online games. It is for example possible to play online scratch cards and know immediately if you have won a price. By digitally scratching NetEnt Scratch Cards one can easily have a chance at big prizes without having to apply a certain or learn certain strategies used by others while playing this game.

netent scratchcards

NetEnt Scratch Card Graphics

when looking at the NetEnt Scratch Card graphics, we can clearly see that we are dealing with a Net Entertainment product. We immediately see the graphic quality that we also see in many other games, which is why we think playing these games is so attractive. The NetEnt Scratch cards are a joy to play be it only for the graphic design, apart from the nice prizes that kan be won when scratching one of the many winning tickets.

NetEnt Scratch Card Costs

Of course the price of NetEnt Scratch Cards vary per card, but it lies somewhere between 50 cents and 2 euros. That way you can win a big prize for a small investment. The prices that can be won playing etEnt Scratch Cards rise up to one hundred thousand euros or more, something that gets everybody excited of course. Be choosing which amount to bet, you can control the risk you take and the prizes that can be won.

Double Win Chance

One of the most popular NetEnt Scratch Cards is Lucky double. Because you have a double chance of winning, so you can win more than with playing other scratch cards or casino games that are available at various online casinos. This variation of the etEnt Scratch Cards lets you scratch twice to have a chance at winning the highest possible prize, so many people choose to play this card.

Many Wins on NetEnt Scratch Card

The NetEnt Scratch Cards are designed in basically the same way as the various casino games of this provider that can be played. A design is chosen where players have relatively high chance to win a nice prize so that they will play more often. A number of scratch cards have a win percentage of 50% so one in two players will win. Because of that, netEnt Scratch Cards are very popular among large groups of players. select one of our NetEnt casinos to play the scratch cards.