Interwetten is Germany’s unofficial national online casino and for that reason among others, popular with a very large number of players. Every German player basically has had experience with this online casino, which is enough said about the safety and reliability of Interwetten. It is also possible to play the NetEnt slots with a large number of free spins, which results in an easy chance to profit at this online NetEnt casino.

Interwetten casino

Interwetten Payment methods

The various payment methods at Interwetten allow you to deposit money in your desired way, making it easy to play for real money. It is possible to use major credit cards like MasterCard and Visa, but you can also choose for, Moneybookers or ClickandBuy for example. Finally, Interwetten offers the opportunity to pay with prepaid cards or to use their own “Betting Vouchers”. In most cases, payments are made directly, so you can start playing right away, trying to claim several of the great prizes that are available.

Interwetten Languages

The games at Interwetten can be played in several diffrent languages. It is of course possible to do this in German, but can also be played in most other European languages to give all players a fair chance to understand the games and have a good chance at winning. At Interwetten you can opt for Czech, Greek, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Turkish, but unfortunately not for Dutch.

Customer Service

The customer service is more than excellent at Interwetten. There are a number of different ways to contact them, so you will receive an appropriate response from the expert staff of this online casino as soon as possible. It is possible to contact via a mail form, but there is also a telephone available and you can easily send an email. Finally, it is possible to have contact with an employee by a live chat, though this is at the moment only possible in German or English.

Interwetten Bonuses and Promotions

You can make use of various bonuses and promotions at Interwetten and win a great number of Free Spins for example. By choosing one of the selected games you can easily earn free spins and thus have a good chance to win prizes. There is also a welcome bonus that can reach up to € 200, not to mention the monthly bonus of €200 for regular players that regularly make a deposit. Interwetten provides both beginning and advanced players expanded opportunities to play for free, for example through the free spins.

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