Betsson is a major provider of online casino games, where one actually plays at a casino that falls under the same management as Euro Casino. Of course this has a big advantage, because given the great responsibility of this online service, one can assume that the game can be played very honest and trustworthy. NetEnt scratch for example is very safe at Betsson for that reason and therefore attractive for a large group of players who might have limited experience in playing online casino games, so they know what to expect.

Betsson casino

Betsson Payment Methods

Betsson has a cooperation agreement with well known and major banks in Europe. As a result, players can assume that payments to this online casino will take place in a safe and reliable way. Betsson has made agreements with Lloyd TSB, Raiffeisen Bank and SEB for example. That way, players that make a deposit, know that their payment will arive correctly. When they have made their save deposits, players can play with real money and have a chance to win various prizes.

Betsson Languages

Betsson has a great number of languages available, making it possible for almost everyone to change the site to their own language. that way, there will arise no ambiguities regarding the interpretation of game explanation for example, which of course will contribute to a fair game. At Betsson it is possible to play games in Dutch, Swedish, English, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Finnish, Serbian, French, Italian, Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Greek, German, Peruvian and Czech. This means that almost every player can play the games in their own language.

Customer Service

Betsson provides several ways to contact the expert helpdesk. It is possible to come in contact directly with an employee and ask a question by using live chat, but one can also choose to pick up the phone or send an email. For each method of contact the hours in which they are available are listed on the site, so one knows exactly when an answer can be expected. Because of this, Betsson ensures that players know where they stand.

Betsson Bonuses and Promotions

Different bonuses and promotions at Betsson can be earned on the basis of specific games. By playing a particular game at a particular time, one can very easily win a lot of free spins an thus basically play for free. The beauty of this online casino is that the previous winners of the prizes are always mentioned, so one can assume that prices are actually shared fairly. This way Betsson casino again shows that all is good with the reliability and fairness of this online casino.

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